• Project Name Mimic Fasting Recipes Cover Design
  • Project Date Jan 01, 2022

Project Basic Info

The cover of the e-book features a visually appealing and informative design that reflects the essence of the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) and the variety of recipes included in the book. The layout combines key information about the diet plan, allowed food categories, and calorie intake with an eye-catching visual representation of the recommended foods.

Key Elements:

Title Placement: The title “Mimic Fasting Recipes – The Fasting Mimicking Diet Meal Plan – 30 Time-Saving Recipes” is prominently displayed at the top of the cover in a bold and engaging font to grab the reader’s attention.

Subtitle and Tagline: Below the main title, include the subtitle “Five Friends for Fasting” to add a personal touch and connection to the fasting journey. The tagline “30 Time-Saving Recipes” emphasizes the practicality and convenience of the recipes.

Visual Elements: Incorporate images of the allowed foods on the cover, such as vegetables, nuts & seeds, oils, and a lemon for taste. These images can be blended into the background to create a harmonious and appetizing visual representation of the diet plan.

Graph Representation: Include a graph showing the calorie distribution for each day of the 5-day fast, with day 1 at 1,100 kcal and days 2-5 at 800 kcal each day. Use chalk fonts or a creative design to highlight the calorie information.

Color Scheme: Use a color palette that complements the food images and conveys a sense of freshness and health. Consider using green for vegetables, yellow for lemon, and earth tones for nuts and seeds to create a vibrant and inviting cover design.

Overall, the cover and layout design for the e-book-based recipe book will aim to attract readers with its visually appealing presentation, informative content, and practical approach to following the Fasting Mimicking Diet.